CNC Consoles

Laptop/Keyboard Console

Laptop/Keyboard ConsoleA low cost console we often use with simple CNC installations. We have 2 top covers, one is for a laptop, which is bigger, and the other is just for a keyboard and mouse. Even if you dont use a laptop, it might be the better choice, just because you have more room.
DIY Laptop Assembly
362.98 (o. MwSt.)configurator
Support (350x200x100mm)
45.99 (o. MwSt.)
21.99 (o. MwSt.)
49.99 (o. MwSt.)

VESA Mount (120x120x14mm)

VESA Mount (120x120x14mm)
15.99 (o. MwSt.)

Low Cost Console

Low Cost ConsoleDamenCNC Console Keyboard Mount. Laser-cut, powder coated RAL 5010 blue. Features 7 availabe slots for Eaton push-buttons + 1 slot for Eaton E-Stop.
Low Cost Console Keyboard support
79.99 (o. MwSt.)

DamenCNC professional Console MCP-19

DamenCNC professional Console MCP-19We have seen in different projects that clients experience problems using conventional PC's. Usually a solid state PC solves many of these issues. This console can be connected your PC so that your system is ready for professional (ab)use, maximizing the up-time of your system...
Console IP67
1,999.99 (o. MwSt.)configurator

Console Interface Set

Console Interface SetThis console interface set populates the top plate, with push buttons and 2 Neutrik USB connectors. On the bottom off the console there is a heavy duty 16 pole EPIC connector, the cable connector part is included. Inside the console this set includes a bunch of push in terminals and a PC reset timer relay.
DamenCNC Console Interface Set
363.25 (o. MwSt.)configurator

Industrial foil keyboard

Industrial foil keyboard
369.99 (o. MwSt.)