Switching Powersupply 50W

Switching Powersupply 50WWe often use these smaller powersupplies for power of sensors and other small actuators. It is not really intended for use with steppermotor. On small NEMA-17 motors it could work. Same powersupply is used in our RTR controllers to provide power for Inductive proximity switches, and also to power USBCNC CPU
12V 4.2A DC output
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24V 2.1A DC output
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Switching Powersupply 320W

Switching Powersupply 320WThis powersupply is mainly sold in combination with the HP 4015 driver. Since it can take a maximum of 40V and will not work with our 48VDC powersupply for that reason. If the drive allows it, we always advise to use the higher voltage, since the performance will be better. For that reason 5042 and 5056 drives are always sold in combination with a 48VDC Powersupply.
36V 8.9A DC output
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Switching Powersupply 400W

Switching Powersupply 400WA selection of switching power supplies we can offer from stock. Other supplies are also available upon request. The power supplies have 230VAC input and provide a DC output.
48V 8.3A DC output
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75V 5.3A DC output
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Switching Powersupply 300W

SPS705 68V 5A DC output
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DR-60-5 5VDC
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DR-60-12 12VDC
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MEANWELL 75W DIN Rail Power Supply

MEANWELL 75W DIN Rail Power Supply In many CNC controllers a DIN-Rail is already present. Then mounting a powersupply is a lot easier when it is a DIN-RAIL version. For that reason we start using in our own projects also DIN-Rail powersupplies, and add them the webshop.
DR-75-12 12VDC
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DR-75-24 24VDC
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DR-120-24 24VDC
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DR-120-48 48VDC
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DRP-240-24 24VDC
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DRP-240-48 48VDC
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Delta 3x400VAC Input 60W DIN Rail Power Supply

Delta 3x400VAC Input 60W DIN Rail Power Supply The CliQ II 3-phase DIN rail power supply series offers output voltage of 24V. These products are encased in rugged yet lightweight full aluminium body that can withstand shock and vibration according to IEC 60068-2 standard. The series of 3-phase products can operate over a wide temperature range of -25°C to +80°C...
DELTA powersupply 2,5A 400VAC/24VDC
69.99 (o. MwSt.)

Piggy Back Power Supplies

Piggy Back Power SuppliesThis is a small power supply we developed. We use it in some of our projects. It is designed as a piggyback, such that it can easily be swapped in case you need a different voltage. We use it as a power supply for simple Signal and Data PCBs. High efficient regulators are used, such that little heat is generated. This is why the price is relatively high.
PiggyBackPowersupply 5V
19.99 (o. MwSt.)
PiggyBackPowersupply 12V
19.99 (o. MwSt.)