Fogbuster Dual Head mounted on Haase AL Series

If you wish to mill aluminium sheets on the DamenCNC Haase AL series, we advise to add this option. The Fogbuster is the best coolant system we have found so far. The dual head is perfect, since you can spray the coolant under 2 angles at the cutter. If you are milling plastics or other products that do not require coolant, it is also possible to close the coolant adjustment screw, and only spray air. This can help to remove chips from your product.

  • Fully mounted and tested on DamenCNC Haase AL640 1065 or 1290
  • Can only be purchased in combination with a machine, so that we can mount and test it on the machine for you.
  • As a basis we use the Fogbuster Dual Head set of parts
  • Custom made bracket are used for mounting to the CNC machine.
  • The Fogbuster nozzles are stationary, and do not move up or down with Z-axis movement to prevent collisions with the workpiece
  • We included the Valve, and all electronics required to switch on/off coolant using the CNC controller (mounted and tested)
Fogbuster Dual Head mounted on HAASE
1,299.99 (o. MwSt.)