Profile Accessories

Maytec Plastic End Plates

Maytec Plastic End PlatesTo nicely finish your machine, add these End Plates to your profiles. It add a professional look to your machine, at a small extra cost.
MayTec End Plate 40x40
1.50Add to shopping cart (ex. vat)
MayTec End Plate 40x80
2.00Add to shopping cart (ex. vat)
MayTec End Plate 80x80
3.00Add to shopping cart (ex. vat)

Panel Holder Blocks

Panel Holder BlocksTo attached panels easily to our aluminum profiles.
MayTec Panel Holder Block for E-slot (profile group 40) M6
1.50Add to shopping cart (ex. vat)

Combination Profile

Combination ProfileThis combination profile can be used in our MayTec profiles as a reduction profile to mount panels, or as a slot-cover.
Combination Profile (2.5m)
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DCNC Aluminium Endplates

DCNC Aluminium EndplatesWe have manufactured these endplates as mechanical stops on our linear slide modules. But they could be used for other purposes as well.
MayTec_80x105x8 mm (for 80x80 profiles)
21.00 (ex. vat)
MINITEC_90x115x10 mm (for 90x90 profiles)
21.00 (ex. vat)

Universal Cable Binding Block

Universal Cable Binding BlockTo secure cables to aluminum profiles.
Universal Cable Binding Block
0.60Add to shopping cart (ex. vat)