Mounting Plates

TeknoMotor CharlyRobot Adapter

TeknoMotor CharlyRobot AdapterThis adapter has been designed for the CharlyRobot 4U machine( It allows a C31/40-C-DBS-P-ER20-0.7KW-24000RPM to be easily mounted to the existing machine. Also it has an improved mount for a vacuumhose integrated into the design.
Mount+Vacuum Connector
63.02 (ex. vat)
42.01 (ex. vat)

TeknoMotor MountingPlate

TeknoMotor MountingPlateThis mounting plate can be used to mount a Tekno motor easily to a machine. We use it specifically for the 40x160L aluminium profile. But it can also be used in othe situations. Its been designed to fit the c31/40 and C41/47 models.
TeknoMotor mountplate for 40x160L profile
49.99 (ex. vat)