HF Motor

Teknomotor C24/31-B-SB-P-ER11-0.27KW-18000-24000RPM

Teknomotor C24/31-B-SB-P-ER11-0.27KW-18000-24000RPMThis motor is unique in the sense that it has a lot to offer for such a small size motor. Due to the small size of the motor, also the bearings are smaller, allowing the motor to run 24000 RPM without have to go to ceramic bearings. This is very interesting since the ceramic bearings are a big factor in the costs normally. In this case we can offer 24000RPM at a low price...
C24/31-B-SB-P-ER11-0.27KW 18000-24000RPM
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TeknoMotor NC35-A-SB-P-ER16-0.33KW-18000RPM

TeknoMotor NC35-A-SB-P-ER16-0.33KW-18000RPMPlease note, HF spindles are much more economic in terms of price than the ElectroSpindles, but there is a big difference. HF spindles have a maximum speed of 18000 rpm; further the design is for mainly radial loads. If you wish to do heavy drilling, you will need to purchase an ElectroSpindle...
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TeknoMotor C35-C-SB-P-ER16-0.6KW-18000-21600RPM

TeknoMotor C35-C-SB-P-ER16-0.6KW-18000-21600RPMThis motor was developed especially for small desktop routers. Lighter than a C31/40 or a NC35 of similar size and power. -Increased axial rigidity thanks to a bigger rear bearing with higher spring pre-load. It is not axially rigid like a DB but it is double the standard SB. -Speed up to 360Hz 21...
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TeknoMotor C31/40-C-SB-P-ER20-0.7KW-18000RPM

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TeknoMotor C41/47-C-SB-P-ER20-2.0KW-18000RPM

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TeknoMotor C51/60-A-SB-P-ER25-3.3KW-18000RPM

TeknoMotor C51/60-A-SB-P-ER25-3.3KW-18000RPMThese HF spindels are the selection of models that we always have in stock from Teknomotor. We can offer a total of 20 models of HF spindels, and therefore have made a selection to sell from stock. All HF spindels in the catalog we can also supply but they have a longer leadtime, minimum 2 weeks and a maximum of 5 weeks leadtime...
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