Rectangular Motor


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C71/80 SB

C71/80 SBThe rectangular motors C71/80 join together limited radial overall dimensions with high levels of power. These motors can be easily integrated in many different kind of machines thanks to their efficient frame. Used the most in the woodworking industry for sanding machines (ST type) or saws (BT type) they are the best solution where a high quality compact and powerful motor is requested.
C71/80-A-BT 1.5Kw 50Hz 4p 1400rpm 220/380V
359.00 (sin IVA)configurator
C71/80-B-BT 2.2Kw 50Hz 4p 1400rpm 220/380V
379.00 (sin IVA)configurator
C71/80-C-BT 3.0Kw 50Hz 4p 1400rpm 220/380V
399.00 (sin IVA)configurator
C71/80-A-BT 2.2Kw 50Hz 2p 2800rpm 220/380V
349.00 (sin IVA)configurator
C71/80-B-BT 3.0Kw 50Hz 2p 2800rpm 220/380V
379.00 (sin IVA)configurator
C71/80-C-BT 4.0Kw 50Hz 2p 2800rpm 220/380V
420.00 (sin IVA)configurator
C71/80-A-BT 4.0Kw 100Hz 2p 6000rpm 220/380V
389.00 (sin IVA)configurator
C71/80-B-BT 5.5Kw 100Hz 2p 6000rpm 220/380V
409.00 (sin IVA)configurator
C71/80-C-BT 7.5Kw 100Hz 2p 6000rpm 220/380V
429.99 (sin IVA)configurator