Machine feet & Accessories

Damping Machine Feet NM

Damping Machine Feet NMHigh quality damping machine feet. We use these kind of feet under the heavier machines. But could also be used on simple desktop machine to prevent vibrations from entering the rest of your construction/building.
NM80 70 shore (M10 thread)
23.99 (sin IVA)

Floor Ankered Machine Feet 184x75mm

Floor Ankered Machine Feet 184x75mmFor some projects, our clients like to anchor the machines to the floor. To prevent them from moving due to vibrations. This machine foot is perfect for that application. It is a heavy duty machine foot, with a vibration damper integrated.
Floor Ankered Machine Feet 184x75mm
69.99 (sin IVA)

ITEM/Maytec Threaded End Plates

ITEM/Maytec Threaded End PlatesThese sturdy aluminium end plates can be mounted to the end of the ITEM structural profiles. They will fit the 40x80(L) and 80x80(L)profiles. Thread size ranging from m10 to m20. The most common use is to mount feet under machines and structures, so easy adjustments can be made to level out the machines. They can also be used to mount wheels under a structure to make it mobile...
Endplate 40x80 M16
10.99Añadir a la cesta (sin IVA)configurator
Endplate 80x80 M16
14.99Añadir a la cesta (sin IVA)configurator

Machine feet 79mm diameter

Diameter 79mm Thread m16x100
14.99Añadir a la cesta (sin IVA)
Diameter 79mm Thread m16x150
15.99Añadir a la cesta (sin IVA)

Machine Feet

Machine FeetThe heads on the feet have a 360 degree round swivel ability. Further they can tilt up or down 15 degrees. The m8 feet can be mounted directly in the profiles after m8 thread has been tapped. The foot includes an antislipmat
Diameter 39mm Thread m8x40
4.99Añadir a la cesta (sin IVA)
Diameter 39mm Thread m8x80
4.99Añadir a la cesta (sin IVA)

Caster Wheel 100x30mm

Caster Wheel 100x30mm
19.99 (sin IVA)

Caster Wheel 100x30mm with brake

Caster Wheel 100x30mm with brake
21.99 (sin IVA)