Interrupteurs & Capteurs etc

Eaton Main switch, 3 pole + N, 25 A, Emergency-Stop function

Eaton Main switch, 3 pole + N, 25 A, Emergency-Stop functionMain switch/switch-disconnector on-off according to IEC/EN 60947-3, 690V/25A, degree of protection Front IP65, handle red with yellow locking collar, lockable with 3 padlocks, switch-disconnectors P1 have a very compact and robust design. The manual drive act directly to the connection of the contacts. The contacts are forced open when switching off...
Eaton Main switch, 3 pole + N, 25 A, Emergency-Stop function
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Door Interlock Switch

Door Interlock SwitchThis Siemens 3SE2 243-0XX48 mechanical limit switch comes as a complete unit with a 52 mm wide plastic enclosure, one NO and two NC slow action contact, and is suitable for use in plant and building automation systems. The actuator provides 5 Newtons (N) of extraction force...
Door Interlock Switch 3SE2243-0XX48
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Door Interlock Actuator 3SX3218

Door Interlock Actuator 3SX3218
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Door Interlock Actuator 3SX3228 (adjustable angles)

Door Interlock Actuator 3SX3228 (adjustable angles)
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IFM IFS204 Inductive Proximity Switch Pluggable

IFM IFS204 Inductive Proximity Switch PluggableWe have been using Inductive Sensors in machine projects for several years. In our experience the Chinese Inductive Sensors are great for hobby projects. But for real industry type projects, its not a good solution. The mean time between failure is too low. Also the sensing distance is critical. We have contacted IFM a well known Germany company about these problems...
IFS 204 PNP 10-36-VDC
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IFM IFS212 Inductive Proximity Switch Pluggable

IFM IFS212 Inductive Proximity Switch PluggableLonger version of the IFS204 (sometimes required to acces the material)
IFS 212 PNP 10-36-VDC (Long model)
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IFM Proximity Switch Mini

IFM Proximity Switch MiniThis sensor is perfect for application where there is not much space for a sensor. Most inductive sensors are forward looking. This sensor look at a 90 degree angle. In some applications this can be a handy feature, especially when there is little space.
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IFM 06H300 Optical Sensor

IFM 06H300 Optical SensorBest optical performance The diffuse reflection sensors distinguish themselves by reliable background suppression, even in case of highly reflective backgrounds. The sensing range is independent of the characteristics and colour of the object to be detected...
IFM 06H300 Optical Sensor
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IFM Cable sets M12 Straight Female

EVC001 Female M12 4-pole 2meters
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EVC002 Female M12 4-pole 5meters
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EVC003 Female M12 4-pole 10meters
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EVC082 Female M12 4-pole 15meters
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IFM Cable sets M12 Straight Male

IFM Cable sets M12 Straight MaleM12 4 pole Male connector on one side of the cable. The other end has open leads. This type of cable is not as often sold as the Female version. The reason is that 99% of the sensors have a male connection, as a result you need a Female cable 99% of the time. In the DamenCNC RTR controllers (CPU SensorHolder) this cable is often used to connect the Emergency Stop to the system...
EVC384 Male M12 4-pole 3meters
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IFM Cable sets M12 Angled Female

EVC004 Female M12 Angled 4-pole 2meters
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EVC005 Female M12 Angled 4-pole 5 meters
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EVC006 Female M12 Angled 4-pole 10 meters
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M12 Sensor mount bracket

M12 Sensor mount bracketSensor mount for M12 inductive sensors. Sensor not included.
Sensor Mount + 2 Detection plates
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HAASE M12 Sensor Mount

HAASE M12 Sensor Mount
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Inductive Proximity Switches Pluggable

Inductive Proximity Switches PluggableThese switches can be used as home or limit switches or as a sensor to measure RPM. Since the item is non contact it has a long lifetime. This item is very good as a home switch, due to its higher precision than a mechanical switch. These types of switches are very common in professional machinery...


IPS_Cable_AssemblyThese cables are available in several different configurations. We offer these cables with a male or female connector at one end and single wires on the other end.
M12 Straight Male/OPENEND 3meter
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M12 Straight Female/OPENEND 3meter
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Thread Adapter

Thread AdapterIn some cases a design has been made for an M12x1 type Proximity Switch, but only an m8x1 switch meets the other specs of the design. In those cases an adapter is needed to convert the thread from m12x1 to m8x1.
Thread Adapter M12x1 to M8x1 L 20mm
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Emergency Stop

Emergency Stop NON Locked (automatic spring return) Type
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JoystickAvec ce joystick et un pcb, votre cnc peut être controlé facilement. C'est une manière simple de déplacer votre machet, et de voir ce que vous faîtes. Notez qu'il existe également un tutorial pour savoir comment concevoir un joystick sur
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MicroswitchDimensions 20x6x10mm, solder contacts. NC or NOC contact, 2 mounting holes.
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Power Switch Water Tight

Power Switch Green Water Tight
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IP 67 Push button

IP 67 Push buttonA very robust push button. We use this for outside application or dirty environments. The button is IP67 water tight.
Pushbutton IP67 25mm Black IFS3Z1AD200
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Eaton Change-Over Switch

Eaton Change-Over SwitchChange overswitches, Contacts: 2 x 3, 20 A, front plate: 1-2, 90 °, maintained, flush mounting. We use this switch for 3 phase 380V motor, to reverse the polarity of the phases.
Eaton Change-Over Switch T0-3-8223/E
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Changeover switches

Changeover switchesSIRCO M Changeover Switches are 3 or 4 pole manually operated modular changeover switches. They provide changeover, source inversion or switching under load between two low voltage power circuits, as well as their safety isolation.
Socomec Manual Change Over switch 25A
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