MPG & Pendants

PoNET kbd48CNC

PoNET kbd48CNCWell engineered water and dust proof CNC keyboard with 48 keys, 48, LEDs on each key, additional Power and Status LED and light sensor. It can be connected to all PoKeys with PoNET interface (Pokeys56 and up). Compatible with Mach3 PoKeys plugin.
PoNET kbd48CNC
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MPG Handwheel

MPG HandwheelA handwheel that generates a TTL signal, it is compatible with USBCNC en Mach 3 software.
MPG Handwheel 60mm
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PoPendantWorks with PoKeys55, Mach3 or a second parallel port. For USBCNC we have a different Pendant. The Pendant offered here is plug and play to the parallel port, it has a DB25 male connector
PoPendant Type 1
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