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Rack Module=2 with mounting holes

Rack Module=2  with mounting holesRack Module 2 that has already mounting holes machined in the side face. The pitch between the mounting holes is 120mm. The lengths we have in stock are about 2000mm, the exact length is 2004mm. This is the number of Teeth(319) multiplied by the module (2) multiplied by Pi (3,14etc), gives a result of 2004,336mm...
Rack Module=2 with mounting holes€ 44.99 p/m (sans TVA)
€ 7.00 p/cut (sans TVA)
mm (min: 200mm, max: 2000mm)

Pinions Module 2,0

Pinions Module 2,0Module 2,0 gears are used in combination with the module 2 racks we sell. Most often a gearbox is needed in the system. Even with a small gear of 15 teeth the total distance travelled in one rotation is already 94.2mm. If a steppermotor or servo was directly attached this would result in a very fast system. Assuming a motor runs 1000 RPM, that would mean a feedrate of 94200mm/min...
Gear module 2 12 teeth
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Gear module 2 15 teeth
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Gear module 2 20 teeth
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Gear module 2 21 teeth (not in stock)
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Gear module 2 22 teeth
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Gear module 2 25 teeth
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Pinions with machining

Pinion Module 2 Z=15 B=20x18
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R&P Drive AntiBacklash

R&P Drive AntiBacklashAs the machines we are building increase in size we faced the problem that ballscrews of lengths over 1 meter will give trouble in the long run. Inbalance and vibrations are quite common. Using rack and pinion drives is the solution. The only problem is the backlash. We have developed a module that takes out the backlash between the rack and the gear...
R&P Drive AntiBacklash DIY(includes gears15t)
269.99 (sans TVA)configurator