ATC Motor Accessories

ATC Control Box

ATC Control BoxWhen we first started selling the ATC, we started studying all the manuals, and we find out there is a lot of extra equipment and knowledge required to connect the ATC, when you compare it to a regular high speed milling motor. The biggest issue/problem is that in the ATC itself there is no protection against ejecting the tool when the motor is running...
ATC Control Box
3,499.99 (sans TVA)configurator

ATC Cable Sets

ATC Cable SetsThe TeknoMotor ATC, uses very high quality M23 connectors. The M23 connector has crimp contacts, that require special tooling to make. Even the most basic crimp tool costs around 450 euro. So we assume our clients do not have this tooling, and that we make the cabling for them. We have invested in all the tooling to be able to make the cables to size...
ATC Cable set 5 meters
189.99 (sans TVA)
ATC Cable set 10 meters
259.99 (sans TVA)
ATC Cable set 15 meters
329.99 (sans TVA)
ATC Cable set 20 meters
399.99 (sans TVA)

Pneumatic Package for TeknoMotor ATC

Pneumatic Package for TeknoMotor ATCA set of parts which are required for making a proper air circuit for the TeknoMotor ATC.
DIY Pneumatic Package for TeknoMotor ATC
500.67 (sans TVA)configurator