Water Cooling and Accessories

AWEX Air/water heat exchanger

AWEX Air/water heat exchangerWater coolant unit required for water cooled milling spindels. We advise to use this unit only for the smaller power spindels, in the range from 750watt to 3kw.
Air/water heat exchanger AWEX 7.5
829.99 (sans TVA)

Water Chiller 1900Watt

Water Chiller 1900WattHeavy Duty Water Cooler, also known as a chiller. This module has an integrated heat exchanger, like in a refrigator. This allows much more precise control of the spindle temperature. Als it can dissipate much more heat. Often used in in the bigger motors, in the range 5-10kw It also has a status output, this is a potential free contact(relay)...
Water Chiller 1900Watt
1,676.00 (sans TVA)