EOT Cable 7x0.75mm² (6+PE)

Cable specialy selected for the EOT-3 module. It is 0,75mm to be able to handle the power of the oscillation motor. WARNING: If the length exceeds 12 meters, you need to go to a thicker cable.

Points forts:
  • Cable selected for ECOCAM EOT-3
  • Outside diameter is extra thin, to be able to fit in ECOCAM EOT-3 connector
  • We advise to keep the length below 12 meters. (if you need a longer cable, we advise 7 x 1.00mm2 or more)
EOT Cable 7x0.75mm² (6+PE) € 4.00 p/m (sans TVA)
€ 0.00 p/cut (sans TVA)
mm (min: 100mm, max: 12000mm)