DCNC-RTR Closed Loop

The RTR Closed Loop controller shares the same housing with the RTR Servo controller. The new housing is larger than the RTR performance and classic. Extra space was required since both systems have encoder feedback and thus need more space for wiring and feedthrough of encoder cable. The new housing also have extra outputs. Standard it has 2 outputs which switch 220V solid state relays. From the software, Tool,Flood,Aux and Mist are connected. As an optional item an I/O card can replace on of the Tool/Flood modules. Also its possible to integrate an SSD PC in this housing. The RTR closed loop system is intended for the very demanding hobiest or the busines user. The best quality components are used, and since its a closed loop system, no more step los can occur. Also in terms of safety several items are added. The drives can indicate that they are in failure mode, and this signal is fed back to the software, thus warning the client that the drive is in failure mode. When one drive goes into failure mode, automaticly, also the other drives are disabled, to prevent any damage to the system.

Component eigenschappen:
  • De set is volledig geassembleerd en getest
  • Technische hulp via Email en Teamviewer
  • USBCNC CPU v5B + Ethernet controller integrated
  • 3 Ventilators voor de koeling
  • RAL 7035 Gepoedercoate Behuizing
  • 4 x HBS86 Closed Loop Stappenmotordrive
  • Geïntegreerde 75V 24V 12V en 5V DC voeding
  • Inclusief alle benodigde kabels (Ethernet,USB,220V etc)
  • Plug and Play inductieve/eindschakelaar verbinding (CPU Sensorholder)
  • Noodstopknop (voorbedraad en getest)
  • 2xRTR Tool/Flood module, voor het aan/uit zetten van Tool/Flood/Mist/AUX via de software
  • Probe ingang voor het aansluiten van Toolsetter en 3D Meet Probe
  • 0-10V Spindel toerenregeling geïntegreerd voor eenvoudig interfacen met VFD
  • Geïntegreerde Rem module voor het aan/uit zetten van een elektromechanische rem op de Z as van de machine
  • Veiligheidssysteem die alle drives uitschakelt wanneer 1 drive in storing staat
  • Afmetingen behuizing 86x43x22 CM (zonder deksel)
DCNC-RTR Closed Loop (IO module included)
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