Servo/Closed Loop housing DIY

This housing was developed for our Servo System, later we used it for our RTR Closed Loop System as well. The servo drives are much larger, so for that reason we increased the size of the housing. Its possible to mount up to 6 servo drives in this housing. Also more space is required for the servo cables, since each axis has power and encoder cables. We further increases the modulair system. All interfaces are exchangable. This makes it easy to make design changes without having to change the entire controller.

Component eigenschappen:
  • Available from stock
  • Used for RTR Closed Loop and RTR Servo
  • Possible to add your own logo
  • Scope of Delivery
  • Housing and Cover in RAL7035 grey
  • 3 x 80x80x20 Fans premounted
  • 10A fuse and main switch pre mounted
  • DIN Rail with Phoenix contact PIT connectors pre mounted
  • Cable Ducts pre mounted
  • Basic wiring between switch/DIN Rail premounted
Servo/Closed Loop housing DIY
399.99 (excl. btw)configurator