Delta VFD C200 High Frequency Controllers

In most case we sell a VFD-E in combination with a TeknoMotor. Some high speed milling motors need more than 600hz output frequency (maximum of the VFD-E), in that case we advise to use the Delta C200 VFD. It has a maximum output frequency of 2000 hertz. For that reason its perfect to be used in combination with high speed milling motors like the Jager or ELTE.

Component eigenschappen:
  • Available in monophase 230V to 3 x 230V and 3x400V to 3x400V
  • 1-2000 Hz Frequency Control (after changing settings!!)
  • Set speed with onboard potentiometer or 0-10V input
  • Programmable Acceleration and Deceleration (and many other parameters)
  • For full list of features see the manual
  • C200 Spindle Function Set 00-14=1, then set 00-14=2 will enable high-speed mode with max. 2000HZ. Set 00-14=1, then set 00-14=0 will disable high-speed mode and back to max. 600HZ. //Whenever 00-14 been changed, the drive will recover back to factory setting, so please set this parameter first before any setting in case of data loss.//
VFD015CB21A-21 1x220V->3x220V 1.5KW
299.99Toevoegen aan mandje (excl. btw)
VFD022CB21A-21 1x220V->3x220V 2.2KW
349.99Toevoegen aan mandje (excl. btw)
VFD022CB43A-21 400V->400V 2.2KW
389.99Toevoegen aan mandje (excl. btw)
VFD037CB43A-21 400V->400V 3.7KW
459.99Toevoegen aan mandje (excl. btw)