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Siemens Safety Relay

Siemens Safety RelayA simple safety relays we often use in machines and projects. Its a very basic system from Siemens, that is better than having only a contactor. Its possible to expand with light curtains and other options. Please keep in mind you always need to make a proper analysis of the machine when assessing, the correct Safety Relays.
Siemens Safety Relay 24VDC
174.99 (excl. btw)

HSB 3 phase presence/sequence relais

HSB 3 phase presence/sequence relaisPhase monitoring relais we often used in our machines. It monitors if all phases are present and in the correct order. If not it will switch a relay. In this manner automatic shutdown of a system can be made. This can be important in systems where the running direction of the motors can be a safety hazard...
HSB 3 phase presence/sequence relais
43.99 (excl. btw)


LCD-FrontPanel Dit LCD Front Paneel gebruiken wij in enkele van onze producten. Op internet is veel informatie te krijgen hoe deze aan te sturen is. Wij geven geen support op de aansturing van deze print.
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