Multiflex Servo Cable

A special multicore cable often used for ATC motors, or servo motor. The cable has 4 2.5mm² cores used for the U/V/W Earth of the motor. Then it also has 2 separate 2 pair cables, which also have separate shields. These are often used for signals. In the case of the ATC motor, the PTC signal goes over these wires.

Component eigenschappen:
  • Often used for ATC motors (TeknoMotor)
  • Suitable for use in CableChains (DragChains)
  • Excellent EMC shielding
  • UL/CSA approval
Multiflex Servo 4x2,5mm² +2x (2x1,0mm²)€ 14.00 p/m (excl. btw)
€ 0.00 p/cut (excl. btw)
mm (min: 500mm, max: 100000mm)