Door Interlock Switch

This Siemens 3SE2 243-0XX48 mechanical limit switch comes as a complete unit with a 52 mm wide plastic enclosure, one NO and two NC slow action contact, and is suitable for use in plant and building automation systems. The actuator provides 5 Newtons (N) of extraction force. The slow action "break-before-make” operation ensures the normally-closed (NC) contact opens before the normally-open (NO) contact closes, with the actuator forcibly opening the NC contacts for use in safety circuits. The two M16 x 1.5 mm electrical cable entries allow for threaded conduit connection. This mechanical limit switch conforms to the European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization (CENELEC) EN 50047 standard for dimensions and mechanical data and the EN 50041 standard for quality assurance, and is suitable for use in interlock circuit applications.

Component eigenschappen:
  • Actuator with 5 N extraction force
  • Plastic enclosure provides IP67 protection against dust and liquids
  • 1 NO + 2 NC slow-action "break-before-make" contacts for NC contact opening before NO contact closure
  • 3 x M16 x 1.5 mm electrical cable entries
  • Meets IEC 60 947-5-1 standard for positive opening of NC contacts
  • Siemens part nr: 3SE22430XX48
Door Interlock Switch 3SE2243-0XX48
44.99 (excl. btw)configurator
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