Switching Powersupply 320W

This powersupply is mainly sold in combination with the HP 4015 driver. Since it can take a maximum of 40V and will not work with our 48VDC powersupply for that reason. If the drive allows it, we always advise to use the higher voltage, since the performance will be better. For that reason 5042 and 5056 drives are always sold in combination with a 48VDC Powersupply.

Component eigenschappen:
  • Outside Dims 215x115x50mm
  • Available from stock
  • 176 - 264 VAC input
  • Stable 36VDC Output
  • Built-in EMI filter
  • Easy to connect wires, 3 DC screwconnector output connections
36V 8.9A DC output
64.99Toevoegen aan mandje (excl. btw)