SPIDER DCNC-D32-L32 (A-red) 98Sh A (high damping)

Component eigenschappen:
  • Spider used in DCNC-D32-L32 Shaft Couplers
  • High Damping model perfect for steppermotors and servomotors
  • This SPIDER has PRE-Tension ensuring backlash free operation
  • Product is made in the Netherlands
  • This product was designed by DamenCNC, because we had problems with standard couplers that we were purchasing. These SPIDERS have an extra high pre-load to ensure backlash free operation.
SPIDER DCNC-D32-L32 (A-red) 98Sh A (high damping)
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SPIDER DCNC-D32-L32 (C-yellow) 98Sh A (very high damping)
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