HUB Shaftcoupler DCNC-D40-L65-B (customized bore)

We have a large selection of bores in our stock. The most common size used in motion control. Sometimes clients have requirements for different bores. We can make any bore in the range from 8mm to 22mm in our CNC Lathe. Mosten often we need to make only 1 to 3 HUBS, and also very quickly (1-4 days), this is the reason for the high pricing. It takes some time to get all setup, and we have the risk, of making on the first test the incorrect bore. Anyway, if you need largers series all of the same type, contact us for a quote. The larger the serie the better the price we can make, also if you can accept a longer leadtime, its easier to make a better price.

Component eigenschappen:
  • Price is for the HUB(blank) + Customized BORE
  • Price is based on 1 piece, fast delivery(few days) (If you need large quantities, and a longer lead time is allowed, we can make a better price)
  • Minimum bore size: 8mm
  • Maximum bore size: 22mm
  • H7 tolerance on bore (if you need other tolerance let us know)
HUB Shaftcoupler DCNC-D40-L65-Bcustomized (specify size in remarks)
50.00Toevoegen aan mandje (excl. btw)configurator