NEMA 34 Motor Bracket (MBA-15F)

Motor Bracket made from steel. It has a NEMA 34 flange that is compatible with most NEMA 34 StepperMotors or servos. The bracket has datum surface on the bottom, that also has two 6mm dowel pin holes. These can be used to get the perfect alignment when placing back on a machine frame. Also the alignment between bearing and flange is within 0,02mm since the machining is done in one operation. When building a CNC machine or other special machine, this is an interesting part to have, since it saves a lot of time, that is normally spent on making a bracket. This bearingblock is compatible with the BF15 floating bearing block, (same height from datum surface). Most commonly the bearing block is used in combination with 25mm ballscrews.

Component eigenschappen:
  • Available from stock
  • Compatible with NEMA 34 Flange size motors
  • Steel Housing
  • High Quality Product Made in TAIWAN
  • 4 x M6x20 DIN912 bolts included for mounting the steppermotor
  • 4 x M5x20 DIN 912 bolts included for mounting the FK15 fixed bearing block
  • FK Fixed Bearing not included (don't forget to order it! FK15)
NEMA 34 Motor Bracket (MBA-15F)
59.99 (excl. btw)configurator
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