HIWIN Carriage HGH "Square type" HA long model

The HA model, is similar to the normal HGH. Only difference is the length of the carriage. Due to the longer length, it can can carry a higher load. 9 out of 10 times the normal HGH model is the best solution. But in some cases when loads are very high, this can be a better solution.

Component eigenschappen:
  • Leadtime 1-3 weeks depending on type
  • High Square type model (HGH)
  • Super Heavy Load model (HA)
  • Standard we have Z0 Pre Tension, perfect for CNC-Routers
  • High Precision Class (H)
  • 4x Threaded hole in carriage allows mounting from above
  • Mounting from below not possible (we advise to use HGW model then)
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