Hollow Shaft Reducer 230x230mm

Component eigenschappen:
  • COMING Soon: (few in stock at the moment)
  • Compatible with our 1KW Delta Servo Motor
  • Low Backlash: 30arc-seconds or less
  • Hollow bore for wiring or shafts, driven by your servo motor via large helical ring gear integrated in a rotating flange, which provides smooth, accurate, fast positioning and indexing
  • Flange rotates on precision high capacity “cross roller” type bearing for positional accuracy, rigidity and heavy axial loads
  • Larger reduction ratios achievable by fitting with a planetary gearbox (GNP series) or right angle gearbox (WS series)
  • Direct fixing arrangement with a simple and reliable design
  • High Stifness/Rigidity Allows it to be used in more demanding applications.
HSR 230x230 mm 1:10 ratio (flange for Delta 1kw servo)
3,299.99 (excl. btw)