NEMA 34 & 60x60 Servo Planetary Gearbox

Planetary Gearbox that is produced especially for DamenCNC. The output flange has the standard dimensions of a 60x60 Servo Motor, also the 14.00mm shaft is the same. This makes it compatible with any mechanical component that has the 60x60 Flange. The input shaft has a 14.00mm bore which makes it compatible with most NEMA 34 Steppermotors or 60x60ServoMotor. The gearbox has a NEMA 34 flange. But this flange can be removed. When you remove the flange, the bolt pattern that is uncovered, is suitable for mounting a 60x60 ServoMotor. (Delta 400W for Example). We have made the design in this way, so we can keep a lot of stock of these motors. Our most often sold steppermotors are NEMA 34 and Servo is the 400W 60x60 Servo from Delta.

Component eigenschappen:
  • Available from stock
  • Weight: 900 grams
  • Backlash < 5 Arcmin
  • Output Flange is identical to a standard 60x60 Servo motor (14mm Shaft) so compatible with many components
  • Input Flange is Compatible with NEMA34 StepperMotor (14mm Shaft)
  • Input Flange is also Compatible with 60x60 Servo (14mm Shaft) Remove NEMA 34 flange
  • Other Reduction Ratios Available on request (single stage 3-10 ratio) (doube stage up to 100 ratio)
DCNC-PG-F60S14-F60N34B14-I5 1:5 NEMA 34 & 60x60 Servo Planetary Gearbox
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DCNC-PG-F60S14-F60N34B14-I10 1:10 NEMA 34 & 60x60 Servo Planetary Gearbox
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