Delta AC Servo Accessories

ASD-B2 Program Cable

ASD-B2 Program CableThis cable is used to communicate between the ASD-B2 Servo Drive and the PC. It allows parameters to be set and reset. Also it can be used to tune motor and drive. The software has advanced scope/tuning functions.
ASD-B2 PC Program Cable 3m USB2
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ASD-A2 RS-232 Communication Cable

ASD-A2 RS-232 Communication CableConnects ASD-A2 to PLC, HMI and other controllers via RS-232 communication. Note that ASD-A2 also has a connector for USB (CN4). Most clients prefer the USB option, since every PC has USB available.
ASD-A2 RS-232 Communication Cable (3m)
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AC-servo or ClosedLoopStepper Cable sets (Power + Encoder)

Cableset Servo/CL 3000mm
179.99 (excl. btw)
Cableset Servo/CL 6000mm
199.99 (excl. btw)
Cableset Servo/CL 9000mm
219.99 (excl. btw)
Cableset Servo/CL 12000mm
239.99 (excl. btw)
Cableset Servo/CL 15000mm
259.99 (excl. btw)
Cableset Servo/CL Custom Length€ 223.82 (excl. btw)
mm (min: 500mm, max: 30000mm)

1500w or 1000w UVW+Encoder Cable set

1500w or 1000w UVW+Encoder Cable setThe bigger Delta AC Servo motors use other connectors than the smaller 100-750Watt models. The connector is also integrated in the motor. Its a military style connector. What we offer here is a set for power (UVW) and encoder cables. These are assembled and tested on our testbench. Cabling is a delicate issue with AC servo systems...
3m UVW+Encoder cable set
249.99 (excl. btw)
6m UVW+Encoder cable set
269.99 (excl. btw)
9m UVW+Encoder cable set
289.99 (excl. btw)
12m UVW+Encoder cable set
309.99 (excl. btw)

Cable ServoDrive to HousingInterface

Cable ServoDrive to HousingInterfaceThe cable sets we sell for the 400/750W AC servo systems are made for our RTR servo controller. In case you wish to make your own CNC controller, then this extension cable is required for the UVW Ground connection.
Cable (400/750W)ServoDrive to HousingInterface
49.99 (excl. btw)

ASD-B2 External Brake Resistor

ASD-B2 External Brake ResistorExternal regenerative resistor for 1.0kW and 1.5kW servo systems.
Delta Brake Resistor 400W, 40Ohm (BR400W040) for 1.0kW & 1.5kW
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ASD-BCAEN1000If you wish to make your own cables for the 1000W & 1500W Delta servo motors, these connectors are required.
Delta Encoder Connector ASD-BCAEN1000
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ASD-CAPW1000For the bigger Delta Servo motors this type of connector is used for the power connections. Its used from 1000W upwards. The servo motor has an integrated contra connector. Keep in mind we also offer complete cable sets. In that case you dont need this connector, it is integrated the set. The connection is a solder type connection. There are many pins to be soldered...
Delta Power Connector ASD-CAPW1000
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I/O Push In Terminals for ASDA B2/A2 servo drives

I/O Push In Terminals for ASDA B2/A2 servo drivesInstead of soldering to the 44 pin connector. This module allows easy push in terminals. Not all 44 pins are accessible, but the most important ones are. The connectors are all labelled, and made such that it is impossible to invert connections. Its really foolproof.
ASD-IF-DS4444 for ASDA B2 drives
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ASD-IF-SC5020 for ASDA A2 drives
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ASD-BM-50A Breakout for CN1

ASD-BM-50A Breakout for CN1Breakout board that can be used with Delta ASDA-A2 systems for wiring the CN1 connector. It could probably also be used on other brand servo drives, but the labels on on the terminals are made for ASDA-A2
ASD-BM-50A Breakout for CN1
174.99 (excl. btw)

ASD-A2 Encoder cable

ASD-A2 Encoder cableEncoder cable for CN2 connector of ASD-A2 drives. This cable is plug&play between drive and motor, but it is not intended for use in a cable chain! For dynamic use, we recommend LAPP PUR cable.
ASD-ABEN0003 encodercable for ASD-A2 (3m)
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Digital Keypad for ASDA-B system

Digital Keypad for ASDA-B systemKeypad to program the ASDA-B servo drives. Not suitable for ASDA-B2 system.
Digital Keypad ASD-PU-01A
99.99 (excl. btw)