Syntesi Filters and Regulators

Syntesi Filter Regulator

Syntesi Filter RegulatorThis device combines in a single unit the functions of filtration, condensate separation and pressure regulation. It is made up of the same elements forming the filter and the regulator, so the performance and advantages are the same.
5612B562 Syntesi-1 FR SY 1/4
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Syntesi Filter 5um

5610F100 Syntesi Filter 5um RMSA 1/4"
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Syntesi Anti Oil Filter

Syntesi Anti Oil FilterA second filter usually placed behind Syntesi Filter. This second filter is to remove smaller particles and oil. Using this filter you will comply to ISO 8753-1 norm.
5612D102 Syntesi-1 Anti Oil Filter 1/4
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Syntesi Pressure Switch

5610S100 Syntesi Pressure Switch NO/NC 2m cable
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Syntesi Air Take-Off

Syntesi Air Take-OffIf you need an air take off in the syntesi system, this is a handy part. We use it to mount a pressure sensor inline with the rest of the air regulation parts.
5610P200 PA SY1 without bushing
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Syntesi Connecting nipple kit

Syntesi Connecting nipple kitRequired when coupling two Syntesi modules
9210000 Syntesi Connection kit SY1
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9210010 Syntesi Connection kit SY2
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Manometer D40 0-16Bar 1/8" A.A.

Manometer D40 0-16Bar 1/8" A.A.
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Manometer D40 -1-0 Bar 1/8" A.A.
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Pressure Switch

Pressure SwitchWe use this pressure switch in CNC systems, where there is an ATC. The ATC needs a certain pressure to work properly. With this pressure switch, you can monitor the pressure. If it falls below the allowed value, it can trigger an Estop or other warning in CNC software. The details depend on what system you use, but in general this switch can work with USBCNC, Mach 3, CNC graph etc.
Pressure Switch 2-10Bar NO
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Pressure Switch with preset point

Pressure Switch with preset pointThis Pressure switch has been custom made for use with ATC motors. 9 out of 10 ATC motors need at least 5-6 bars to operate. This Switch, switches at 5,5 bars. The electronic contact closes when the pressure is higher than 5,5 bars. It has been designed in this way, so the switch cant be tampered with. If you connect it to a safety system, it will be tamper proof...
Pressure Switch PMN NO 1/4" PRESET 5,5 FALL M12
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Syntesi Pressure Regulator (Size 2)

Syntesi Pressure Regulator (Size 2)Syntesi® pressure regulator is based on the rolling diaphragm principle, which offers numerous advantages compared to systems using a flat diaphragm: • Increased stroke, allowing wider valve aperture and hence greater flow rate. • Decreased dynamic and pick-up friction, and hence quicker response and enhanced sensitivity...
5624R164 Syntesi Pressure Regulator (Size 2) 0-12Bar 1/2"
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