3 / 2 Pneumatic Valve

3 / 2 Pneumatic ValveType of valve most often used to control the drawbar of an ATC motor with a single working cilinder.
7020020200 Monostable valve 3/2 1/4inch
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5/2 Pneumatic Valve

5/2 Pneumatic ValveType of valve most often used to control the drawbar of an ATC motor with a double working cilinder.
7020021100 Monostable valve 5/2 1/4inch
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7020021200 BIstable valve 5/2 1/4inch
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5/2 Pneumatic Valve without manual over ride

5/2 Pneumatic Valve without manual over ride Special model of the 5/2 Valve that Metalwork produces specially for our application. The manual over ride button has been removed on this model. This is to prevent accidental tool changes.
RFTOM 218 Monostable valve 5/2 1/4inch without manual over ride
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Noise Damper

Noise DamperSound/Noise damper used on air exit valves of solenoid valve. The sound existing the solenoid/pneumatic valve is damped with this sound damper.
W0970530023 MW Sound damper SE-1/4
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Softstart Valve SY2-1/2"

Softstart Valve SY2-1/2"The progressive starter is a pneumatic component that allows air enter the circuit gradually, thereby avoiding excessive pressure bursts. A sophisticated system of internal valves allows two separate stages of operation. During the first stage, a quantity of air that can be regulated via a pin flows from the APR...
Softstart Valve SY2-1/2"
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Coils for Pneumatic valves

Coils for Pneumatic valvesTo actuate the valve in the Solenoid/Pneumatic valve, a coil is required. Most often we use 24VDC, since most CNC controllers already have 24VDC present. The coils are also available on request in 12VDC,24AC,110VAC,230VAC.
W0215000101 coil 24V DC 2W
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Prewired Valve Connector

Prewired Valve ConnectorCost-saving due to quick and easy installation; Space-saving due to compact dimensions; Fast and easy error tracking; Standardised interfaces
Prewired Valve Connector 2 meters
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Prewired Valve Connector 5 meters
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Prewired Valve Connector 10 meters
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Coil Connector with LED

Coil Connector with LEDCoil connector used to connect electronics to coils of pneumatic valves.
W0970510012 Coil Connector with LED
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