Vacuum Mats

Rubber Cover Mats 5 units

AG-6040 Rubber Cover Mats 5 units
34.99 (excl. btw)

Hole Rubber Mat 5 units

LG 3020 Hole rubber mat for 3020 (5 units)
11.99 (excl. btw)
LG 4030 Hole rubber mat for 4030 (5 units)
22.99 (excl. btw)
LG 6040 Hole rubber mat for 6040 (5 units)
44.99 (excl. btw)
LG 8060 Hole rubber mat for 8060 (5 units)
79.99 (excl. btw)

Cutting mat 2.5mm (air-permeable)

Cutting mat 2.5mm (air-permeable)A similar mat to the EC4, but then thinner. The EC4 is 4mm thick and dual layer. This mat is 2.5mm single layer. The EC4 is the best solution, but has a higher cost. With this single layer mat, we offer a cheaper solution to the same problem. Do keep in mind the EC4 has double the thickness, so its not a fair comparison...
Cutting mat 2.5mm (air-permeable)€ 124.99 p/m (excl. btw)
€ 5.00 p/cut (excl. btw)
mm (min: 1000mm, max: 25000mm)