Ramps 1.4 including 5xA4988 driver

This is the hart of most 3D printers. The ramps 1.4 board including 5 x A4988 stepperdrivers. Also the Ramps 1.4 board is pre mounted on the Taurino Classic (similar to Arduino Mega2560R3)

Component eigenschappen:
  • Scope of delivery
  • 1 x Ramps 1.5 Board
  • 1 x Taurino Classic
  • 5 x A4988 driver
  • 5 x heatsink for on A4988 drivers
  • 1 x Ceramic screwdriver for adjusting current of stepperdrivers
  • 1 x SD Ramps (mini SD card holder)
  • For tech details see http://reprap.org/wiki/RAMPS_1.4
Ramps 1.4/Taurino/5xA4988 driver
99.99 (excl. btw)configurator