380V plug phase inverter

This is a special type of 380V plug. It has a built in feature which allows you to easily invert the phases. 2 phases are mounted on a swivel type of contact. All you need to do is unplug the device from power, then use a screw driver to rotate the swivel 180 degrees, and the phases are inverted. This plug is often used on construction sites, for sawing machines or other equipment where a correct rotation direction is essential. Some machine builders is it on their machines, so its easy to invert the phases, in case the on site installation is incorrectly phased.

Component eigenschappen:
  • Available from stock
  • IP44
  • Rated voltage 400V AC
  • 50-60 Hertz
  • Screw Terminals
  • Earth Position 6h
Mennekes CEE phase inverter Typ:319 16A 3P+N+gnd
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Mennekes CEE phase inverter Typ:322 32A 3P+N+gnd
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