Example Safety Circuit using Eaton Moeller products

An example of how a very basic Safety Circuit can be made. For simple machines this circuit will comply with regulations. Keep in mind that there are many regulations, and it strongly depends on your application, if this basic circuit is ok, or if you need a more advanced system using for example a Safety Relay.

Component eigenschappen:
  • Set of High Quality Eaton Moeller components, for making a basic safety system
  • Scope of Delivery
  • 1 x Start button
  • 1 x Stop button
  • 1 x Emergency Stop button
  • 1 x Signal Lamp green
  • 4 x Adapter for buttons and actuators
  • Optional Emergency-stop housing
  • Optional 3 Gang housing for mounting Start/Stop/SignalLamp Emergency Stop is most often mounted in a seperate housing
  • Optional Powersupply 24VDC
  • Optional Contacter (Size it to the power of your system)
  • Optional Mainswitch
Basic Safety Circuit parts set
59.99 (excl. btw)configurator