Closed Loop Stepper Drive 20-80 VDC Input

ES-D808 is a drive which can take 20-80 VDC input voltage, and output 0.5 - 8.2 A continuous load-based current. It is capable of driving Closed Loop Stepper Motors NEMA 23 and 34(stepper motors with encoders) with the position loop closed in real time.

Component eigenschappen:
  • Step and direction control
  • Closed position loop for no loss of movement synchronization
  • No loss of steps; no hunting; no overshooting
  • Operating voltage: 20 - 80 VDC
  • Load based output current: 0.5 - 8.2 A
  • High torque at starting and low speed
  • No torque reservation
  • High stiffness at standstill
  • Significantly reduced motor heating
  • Smooth motor movement and extra low motor noise
  • Quick response, no delay and zero settling time
  • Plug&Play, no tuning for most applications
Closed Loop Stepper Drive ES-D808 (2phase)
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