ATC Control Box

When we first started selling the ATC, we started studying all the manuals, and we find out there is a lot of extra equipment and knowledge required to connect the ATC, when you compare it to a regular high speed milling motor. The biggest issue/problem is that in the ATC itself there is no protection against ejecting the tool when the motor is running. So lets say motor is running 24000rpm and someone press the toolchange button by accident, the tool will come out, and cause damage to the machine and maybe even injure people. Also the ATC will be completly destroyed, since there is a mechanism to protect the ceramic bearings from the force of tool changing. When making a toolchange, the force is exerted on the housing. To prevent this from happening, we have integrated a sensor and microcontroller that monitors if the motor is stationary. If you attempt to do a toolchange when the motor is still running, our system does not allow the 5/2 valve to be activated, and basicly nothing happens. The same goes when the Robot or CNC gives the order to do a toolchange, we first check if all conditions are correct, and if not, nothing happens. In theory you could make also this in a PLC program in the robot or in the CNC. The problem is that, if there is one mistake there or software update, you destroy the motor again. For this reason we have chosen to make it fully in hardware. No software updates that can effect this. Only thing that could happen is if someoens start rewiring our controller and makes a mistake. Ofcourse this is not very likely, there is no reason why a client should be in our controller.

Component eigenschappen:
  • Made in Rittalhousing 500x500x300mm
  • Includes a stand made from (40x80mm)ALU profiles, to prevent cables hanging on the ground
  • Stand is mobile, since it has 4 caster wheels, 2 with a brake
  • Including Manual Tool Change button, with LED indicator if its safe to make a toolchange
  • LED indicators on housing showing status ot TeknoMotor S1 S2 S4 S5
  • All required Pneumatics included Filtering 20um,5um,1um 5/2 valve, coils etc
  • Including tamper proof pressure sensor with preset pressure point
  • Prevent tool change piston being activated while motor is still running
  • Integrated 24VDC Powersupply
  • Integrated IFM RPM Monitor/Relais
  • Easy Connection using PIT connectors
  • Including connection and tuning of VFD (NOT the VFD itself! select the right model when ordering!)
  • PU Hose included 25 meters of 8mm and 10mm, (enough length to reach Z axis)
  • We advise to Mount IO card in RTR controller (i2c issue when in seperate housing)
  • When using a robot with I/O link we can integrate IO card in housing
  • VFD is not included, select the right model!
  • When ordering: Choose the required power (5kW, 7,5kW or 11kW)
  • CUSTOM solutions possible, we make the complete controller here at DamenCNC, so we can think of new solutions if required. Custom solutions have already been made for Robotic Milling Projects
  • Emergency Stop not included, we assume end user integrates this controller into their CNC or Robot emergency stop system. Optionally we can add this feature to the controller.
ATC Control Box
3,499.99 (excl. btw)configurator