TeknoMotor NC35-A-SB-P-ER16-0.33KW-18000RPM

Please note, HF spindles are much more economic in terms of price than the ElectroSpindles, but there is a big difference. HF spindles have a maximum speed of 18000 rpm; further the design is for mainly radial loads. If you wish to do heavy drilling, you will need to purchase an ElectroSpindle. The prices given are for the Spindle + Balanced Nut + Wrench, most shops give only the price for the motor, so be careful when comparing pricing…In most cases clients will also need a VFD drive, we offer these on th electronic parts page, the VFDs from Delta work perfectly with these motors. If you wish we can at an extra charge connect and test run the VFD with your motor, also we can test run it from USBCNC software.

Component eigenschappen:
  • Available from stock
  • Designed for mainly radial load, buy ElectroSpindel when axial loads are high
  • Three phase induction motor
  • Squirrel-caged rotor balanced to ISO 1940 norms
  • Shaft driven cooling
  • Degree of Protection: IP 54
  • SB- Single bearing in spindle nose and tail
  • Includes a balanced NUT GTS 20, Wrench
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