Quick Connector Metal Electronics Box

The TeknoMotor C41/47 high speed milling motors, have a plastic electronics box by default. It does not have a connector but is wired direct to the motor. In many applications its better/easier to have a connector. We can get the TeknoMotor made with a quick connector on the motor frame, but then you have to make a choice for the winding, its either Star (380V) or Triangle (230V). The problem is many clients change this later. Then its impossible to change. Thats the reason we made this Quick Connector box, it allows you to replace the plastic box on any C41/47 frame sized TeknoMotor, and turn it into a quick connector motor, and you still have the choice STAR or Triangle.

Component eigenschappen:
  • Compatible with C41/47 frame size TeknoMotors
  • Allows Quick Connector (LAPP or Harting to be used)
  • Allows STAR (380V)/Triangle(230V) choice still to be made by the user
  • Engraving on the inside of the housing showing how to mount STAR or TRIANGLE
TeknoMotor Quick Connector Metal Electronics Box (71x71x32mm)
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