Hier vindt u de gallerij met foto´s en filmpjes van de projecten van onder andere onze klanten. U kunt alleen even rondkijken, maar ook zelf foto´s of ander materiaal insturen!

This is quite an interesting CNC machine. Marco Kruyt from bailey bots has made this machine to be able te digitize artwork. For more information you can also visit his site
An example of what can be done with a BF20L and a 4th axis. Bjorn Maathuis has retrofit his BF20L with the DamenCNC direct drive retrofit kit. Further he has mounted a RT150 dividinghead to this BF20L, the 4th axis is also CNC controlled. He has used a DamenCNC RTR set for this purpose Running USBCNC software. It takes a while before you can make products like this, but its nice to see clients succeed.
Connect 121 CNC Lathe
This is a cnc lathe that stems from 1984.. It is being rebuilt with the 3D step card so that it can be used with modern software.
DCNC Optimum BF20L Retrofit
Pictures from several clients that have used the DamenCNC retrofit kit for the optimum BF20L. It is often combined with a Ready to Run set. From 2009 we have sold mainly RTR sets with USBCNC integrated in the housing. This combination of machinery is used by the advanced hobbyist or by small machine shops.
Hans CNC router
Simple cnc router running DCNC57-610-01 motors an TR12 trapezium spindel. It is used to make model airplane parts.
Humphry's Machine
Humphry has built this machine from scratch himself. At the moment he making up his mind on which steppers and drivers he wants to use...
Jacks CNC router
Quality built cnc router. Using ballscrews and linear slides. The unit is controlled with an damen cnc option 3 kit.
Mattijs plans
The plans mattijs has made are based on using old drawing table profiles as linear slides. He was still editing the design but I can't wait to see the end result...
Michel's CNC mill
Michel has built this cnc milling machine. He is running 4 amp drivers power supply and steppermotors from damencnc.
This PACER CNC milling machine has been converted to a new CNC controller. It is now using the most advanced DamenCNC Ready to Run set, which has USBCNC CPU v4 integrated in it. The length of the Z axis has also been increased using a DCNC-Linearslide module. The owner uses the machine for product development purposes. In one of the pictures you can see a Rudder that has been milled for a racing Yacht.
Proxxon KT150 CNC Retrofit
This is a quality x-y table that has been rebuilt by Pascal. He used the 3D step card and the pre runners to the DCNC 57-610-01 stepper motors. Further he has used the shaft couplers.
Rigobert's Machine
This machine has been built with the stepsyn motors and ball bearings from this site. It is used for making model airplane parts and signs and letters in the future.
Robin's CNC router
Quality built cnc router. Using trapezium spindles and linear slides.
Berkelaar,Meet en Regeltechniek heeft voor het ScienceCentre van de TU Delft enkele zeer Interessante opstellingen bedacht, ontworpen en ook gebouwd. Enkele onderdelen komen bij DamenCNC vandaan.
Sherline Conversion
This is a machine I converted myself, but it was for a client. But the idea is to post pictures of machines here that clients have built. Such that one can gather ideas of how to approach the problem of converting a mill or building your own. I also have a kit for the conversion of the sherline to cnc. Its not posted on the site anymore. But feel free to email me in case you are interested.
Wabeco Milling machine
Johan converted this Wabeco mill. He was one of my first clients. His machine is working very well... He is running MACH 2 software with linistepper drivers. He is one of the few people actually doing 3d cnc milling. The results look impressive.
A Wabeco_CCF120 milling machine. It was CNC outfitted from the factory. The only problem the software that was delivered with the machine was hard to use. The client had requested us to convert it to a DamenCNC ReadyToRun set. After conversion and a days training the client was able to make some simple parts, like a drilling patern in a truck wheel, and also a servo mount. The Wabeco is a very stable machine, and with USBCNC its a very powerful tool. To see what the owner Martin Wezel makes with his machines, you can also visit his website