Dust Extraction

Flexible Brush Strip

Flexible Brush StripWe use this brush strip in several applications. Mainly to make dust extraction work better. And in same cases to allow cables to pass through. In general the Flexible Brush Strip is a brush with a flexible character. The great advantage of the Flexible Brush Strip with regard to the normal brush strip is that it is made out of mouldable synthetic. Because of this, it can be used almost anywhere...
Flexible Brush Strip 50mm hairlength€ 7.99 p/m (excl. btw)
€ 2.00 p/cut (excl. btw)
mm (min: 100mm, max: 25000mm)

Dust Deputy Kit Plastic / Steel

Dust Deputy Kit Plastic / SteelWhy The Dust Deputy®? Standard wet/dry vacuums rely on a filter only to separate dust particles. The filter becomes clogged rapidly and the vacuum's airflow is reduced. This is especially true for applications creating a large volume of dust...
Dust Deputy Kit Plastic / Steel
224.99 (excl. btw)configurator