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DCNC ToolSetter

DCNC ToolSetterWith this measurement tool its possible to do automatic tool height measurements. We have made documentation and a macro for use with USBCNC, but it will also work with other software.
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Spare Button for Toolsetter

Spare Button for ToolsetterThe type of button we use in the DCNC Toolsetter (898). We sell these also as a spare part, since it happens occasionally that clients make a collision and damage this part. Also if you wish to make your own housing or cheap DIY Toolsetter, this is a good part to use.
Spare Button for Toolsetter
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EMP-03 Touchprobe

EMP-03 TouchprobeWe have been selling the EMP-02 for several years. For the hobby market this proved to be a great product. It used a 3 point mechanism to measure if there is motion in X, Y or Z direction. The EMP-02 does have some problems, which become apparent when using it for long measuring jobs, or very precise jobs...
EMP-03 Touchprobe
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Straight Styli M3

Straight Styli M3Straight styli that are compatible with the EMP-02 probe.
Styli Straight DK_2.0mm/ L 22.0mm/ ML_9.0mm
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Styli Straight DK_2.0mm/ L 40.0mm/ ML_34.0mm
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Cilinder Styli

Cilinder StyliCilinder styli is compatible with the EMP-02 probe.
Styli Cilinder DK_1.5mm/ L 11.0mm/ ML_1.5mm
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Straight Styli M5

Straight Styli M5Straight styli that are compatible with the EMP-03 probe.
Straight Styli m5 DK_3.0mm/ L 33.5mm/ ML_23.5mm
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Straight Styli m5 DK_3.0mm/ L 58.0mm/ ML_48.0mm
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Probe / Toolsetter extension cable

Probe / Toolsetter extension cableThis cable is made here at DamenCNC, which makes it more expensive than a standard serial connector cable, which would also do the job. The only difference is that this cable is made for the industrial environment, while the rs232 cables are made for the office.
3meter Probe / Toolsetter extension cable
19.99 (excl. btw)