Spare Parts ECOCAM

300900 - ECOCAM Crimping Tool T30

300900 - ECOCAM Crimping Tool T30Crimping Tool designed and made for ECOCAM Crimp Connectors. Locator has a very clever design. It is suitable for 3 different types of Crimp Sockets. 300300 300400 and the 300500
300900 - ECOCAM Crimping Tool T30
449.99 (excl. btw)

Spare Parts EOT-2

Spare Parts EOT-2
Spare Oscillation Axis for EOT-2
102.70 (excl. btw)
Spare set of slide bearings for EOT-2/TCM-3/TCT-1
22.50 (excl. btw)
Spare Guidance Fork for EOT-2
89.70 (excl. btw)
Spare fan 12VDC for Tangential knife EOT-2
19.99 (excl. btw)