Tangentiaal Snijmes

Electrically oscillating tangential knife EOT-3

Electrically oscillating tangential knife EOT-3Successor of the EOT-2. The most important improvement refers to the kinematic system of the tangential oscillation axis. Axial, radial and torsional stiffness as well as wear resistance is optimized...
Tangential knife EOT-3 HUB 3mm with electric motor cooler
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Tangential Creasing Tool TCT-2

Tangential Creasing Tool TCT-2The TCT-2 is a processing unit for CNC-machines to crease various materials such as cardboard, paperboard, corrugated cardboard and polypropylene. The TCT-2 is the successor of the TCT-1. Axial, radial and torsional stiffness as well as wear resistance is optimized...
Tangential Creasing Tool TCT-2
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Tangential Cutting Module TCM-4

Tangential Cutting Module TCM-4The TCM-4 is a processing unit for CNC-machines to cut various materials such as foils and flocking materials. Since the blade is rotated by an actuator in each direction of cutting, even small contours and writings are processed accurately and quickly. The pressing force of the gliding shoe can be adjusted sensitively.
Tangential Cutting Module TCM-4
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EOT Cable 7x0.75mm² (6+PE)

EOT Cable 7x0.75mm² (6+PE) Cable specialy selected for the EOT-3 module. It is 0,75mm to be able to handle the power of the oscillation motor. WARNING: If the length exceeds 12 meters, you need to go to a thicker cable.
EOT Cable 7x0.75mm² (6+PE) € 3.99 p/m (excl. btw)
€ 0.00 p/cut (excl. btw)
mm (min: 100mm, max: 12000mm)

Electrically oscillating tangential knife EOT-2

Electrically oscillating tangential knife EOT-2De EOT-2 wordt gebruikt op CNC-freesmachines voor het snijden van diverse materialen. Met een krachtige Oscillatie gaat het mes snel omhoog en omlaag. Een actuator draait het mes in de snijrichting. Zo zijn zelfs sterke en dikke materialen snel en nauwkeurig te snijden.

Tangential Creasing Tool TCT-1

Tangential Creasing Tool TCT-1 De TCT-1 is een verwerkingseenheid voor CNC machines om vouwranden te maken in verschillende materialen, zoals (golf)karton eb polypropyleen.

Tangential Cutting Module TCM-3

Tangential Cutting Module TCM-3 De TCM-3 is een verwerkingseenheid voor CNC machines voor verschillende materialen, zoals folies en vezelmateriaal. Doordat het snijblad door een actuator telkens in de snijrichting kan worden gepositioneerd, kunnen zelfs kleine contouren en geschriften nauwkeurig en snel worden bewerkt. De drukkracht kan fijn worden aangepast; de zaagdiepte kan traploos worden ingesteld.

ECOCAM to DamenCNC wiring adapter

ECOCAM to DamenCNC wiring adapterThe ECOCAM tangential knive has D-SUB connector with 25 pins, for many clients its difficult to solder or connect it properly. We have made a small interface that attaches to the tangential knive modules, and converts the 25 pins to 3 simple connections that are most commonly used on our RTR controllers. This also allows you to use our standard cable set. It makes connection/setup much easier.
ECOCAM to DamenCNC wiring adapter
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