Stand for Optimum/Quantum Lathes

Stand for Optimum/Quantum LathesUniversal steel stand for Optimum and Quantum lathes. With 2 integrated storage cabins inside the feet.
Stand for Optimum/Quantum Lathes
349.99 (excl. btw)

5C Collet set

5C Collet setThe type of collets we use here at DamenCNC in our CNC lathe. Its a very precise way of clamping material in your lathe. Runout can be less than 0,01mm if your lathe colletholder is correctly aligned.
Set of 22 5C collets in wooden box(not in stock)
199.99 (excl. btw)configurator

5C adjustable end stop

5C adjustable end stopThis endstop can be screwed into the internal thread on 5C collets. It is used to make sure the parts inserted into the collet always end up at the same depth.
5C Adjustable Endstop
9.99 (excl. btw)